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Ubiterra Demonstrates New “Steering Field™” At 25th Annual 3D Seismic Symposium

By March 19, 2019October 26th, 2022No Comments

March 19, 2019- Ubiterra, the Denver-based software company utilizing cloud technology to help oil and gas companies drill better laterals, will be demonstrating its newest feature on its ZoneVu live data platform, its patented (pending) Steering Field, at the Denver Geophysical Society’s 3D Seismic Symposium March 19.

ZoneVu is the ONLY real-time drilling and geosteering tool for staying in zone and managing the lateral, two of the top three most important factors impacting drilling success (source: URTeC). In addition to getting BETTER INTERPRETATIONS FASTER:

– ZoneVu’s fully-integrated LIVE 3D view of the subsurface helps you stay in the pay
– ZoneVu’s Steering Field updates the position of the wellbore, logs and much more as you drill for unprecedented reliability that lets you geosteer more efficiently and confidently
– Because ZoneVu is browser-based, anyone can get the data they want when they need it wherever they are- enhancing collaboration, brain-storming, trouble-shooting and more

ZoneVu lets everyone fully leverage your geoscientific data, so asset team members can see:

Hole depth
Bit position
Rate of penetration
Weight on Bit
Gamma Ray Reading
Gas %…and over 130 more separate types of data you can skip, filter, share, analyze and manipulate- we just do the big things that matter at the bit better than anyone else.

Whether drilling 1,000 feet an hour or extending the lateral three miles out, Zone Vu’s ability to keep up in real-time keeps you in zone, gets you better laterals and landings, helps you avoid faults, shale strikes and screen outs, and keeps your entire asset team on the same page, and more, all better than any other downhole data software.

And that’s how Ubiterra’s suite of ZoneVu products gets you more contact with the reservoir and plan better completions on your way to better EUR’s, collaboration, shorter kick-off to toe times and less down time.


Denver, CO, Sept. 25, 2019- After compiling information on 72 different attributes from nearly 1,850 fracs and over 150 horizontal wells, a paper recently released by the Unconventional Resources Technology Conference (URTeC) shows that time spent in the target zone to be the single most influential factor on maximizing production. The number of frac stages is the second variable with the most impact when calculating the weighted effect of 72 different factors.


Close behind, at third, is the length of the lateral. The obvious key variables concerning laterals would be the accuracy of the landing and quality of the lateral, which ZoneVu Live measures in real time on a platform that provides that information simultaneously to any number of users needed.
The URTeC paper was released in 2016 after compiling data from 2009-2013. The study was confined to wells drilled in the Marcellus.