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New ZoneVu Mobile App & Frac Features

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October 6, 2021

ZoneVu Version 6.1 Released

Last week at the SEG/AAPG IMAGE Conference in Denver, Ubiterra announced the release of ZoneVu version 6.1. The release adds more functionality to the cloud and browser-based platform, with enhancements made to the Completions Module and mobile app, allowing users to view real-time drilling progress and geosteering analyses with live seismic data from a smartphone or tablet.

CEO Peter Flanagan said, “Our enhanced mobile app integrates automatically-updating rig data and seismic SEGY volumes, allowing geologists and engineers to be more agile within their hectic drilling projects.”

The system will also notify users when a specific milestone or parameter is reached, sending a text message with a link to view the drilling and geosteering status from their device.

Flanagan continued, “It’s a nice win for our busy customers and helps keep geos and engineers in sync.”

With this release, the ZoneVu Completions Module allows users to bring in even more frac metrics and customize them. Released earlier this year, the Completions Module has helped geologists and engineers collaborate more easily and effectively on frac designs and post-frac evaluations.

Flanagan remarked, “Our Completions Module is helping our clients understand their fracs on a new level and refine their formulas. We asked our customers to give us their wish list of completions capabilities, and this release incorporates many of those, with more to come.”

As a final note, Rachel Stocking, Director of Sales and Marketing, said, “We have received unprecedented interest and customer adoption of ZoneVu this year. The market is ready for a cloud and browser-based solution that simplifies and connects drilling, geosteering, and completions workflows. We want oil companies to feel the value of ZoneVu, and we’re offering free trials to show what ZoneVu can do.”

Stocking added, “Our mission is to bring collective understanding throughout our clients’ organizations and leverage cloud technology to make everyone’s lives easier. One of our customers has told us that “ZoneVu is the future,” and we are very encouraged by the reception we are getting.”

About Ubiterra Corporation – Ubiterra Corporation, founded in 2012, is a group of E&P professionals and programmers innovating cloud software for the Unconventional Resource Play Revolution. Ubiterra’s flagship product, ZoneVu, is a cloud application designed to unite asset teams to drill better horizontal wells. Ubiterra Corporation is based in Denver, Colorado, USA. Visit