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Zonevu’s New Browser-Based Geosteering Capability On Display At Denver URTeC Conference

By July 18, 2019October 26th, 2022No Comments
Expands Ubiterra’s Cloud-Based Software As A Service (SaaS) Application For Drilling Horizontal Wells
Includes New “Steering Field™” – Better Management Of Geosteering Ambiguity

Denver, CO, July 18, 2019 – Ubiterra today announced that ZoneVu, its G&G cloud application for drilling horizontal wells, now includes geosteering. CEO Peter Flanagan said the company’s latest feature will figure prominently in its presence at URTeC July 22-24 in Denver. URTeC (Unconventional Resources Technology Conference) is an annual conference and tradeshow for unconventional resource teams; over 5,000 oil, gas and technology professionals are expected.

Flanagan said ZoneVu’s new geosteering capability includes a breakthrough technology called the “Steering Field” (patent pending) that simultaneously shows all possible geosteering interpretations as a color heat map. He said the advance allows the geosteerer to better deal with the ambiguity inherent in geosteering.

The multi-user ZoneVu cloud application also provides a centralized database for E&P data related to drilling. Additional capabilities include a real-time 3D and 2D browser-based visualization of the drilling process that integrates seismic, engineering, petrophysical, and geologic information.

“Many people have told us ZoneVu is a perfect system within which to provide a next-generation geosteering application,” Flanagan said. “This is in strong alignment with our mission to help operators to keep up with ever-increasing drilling speeds and data volumes, and to drill better laterals.”

Flanagan added that Ubiterra’s customers report ZoneVu has allowed their asset teams to achieve better landings, to have more confidence crossing faults, and to reduce costly errors such as shale strikes and other geohazards. They also report that ZoneVu’s cloud database enables easier look-back and project review workflows.

“The cloud is where continuous connection between teams and corporate assets is taking place today,” said Flanagan. “ZoneVu is a perfect example of such a cloud application — being browser-based makes it the right tool for a team-based approach to steering wells and managing data. The ever-growing complexity and rapid pace of drilling and data management demand it.”

About Ubiterra Corporation – Ubiterra Corporation, founded in 2012, is a group of E&P professionals and programmers innovating cloud software for the resource play revolution. Ubiterra’s flagship product, ZoneVu, is a cloud application used by energy company asset teams to drill more productive horizontal wells. Ubiterra Corporation is based in Denver, Colorado, USA and is at