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ZoneVu® Version 6.0 Released

March 25, 2021 – Oil and gas cloud software company, Ubiterra, today announces the release of ZoneVu version 6.  ZoneVu, the company’s market-leading geosteering platform, is doing what has never been done: allowing asset teams to drill wells together from a browser, in real-time, with live 3D seismic, and automatically updating drilling data.

Traditionally, geoscientists and engineers work in separate PC workstation-based software applications.  ZoneVu is designed to break down workflow siloes and unite E&P asset team professionals to enhance their ability to drill, geosteer, and complete better wells.

CEO Peter Flanagan said, “ZoneVu is bringing geosteering into the future by leveraging the power of cloud connectivity. Our vision is to make asset teams an agile force to achieve better well performance.”

Ubiterra is steadfast in its mission to supply one strategic, real-time, 3D platform that integrates impactful drilling, geological, and completion data for all asset team members. As a pure cloud-based solution requiring no software installation, ZoneVu offers quicker software upgrades and integrations to meet evolving customer needs.

“ZoneVu customers asked for a way to leverage their drilling and geosteering results when laying out their frac stages, right from within ZoneVu,” said Flanagan. The ZoneVu Completions module allows engineers and geoscientists to work together in ZoneVu to maximize the percent in zone, and better engineer their fracs, as well as visualize in 3D the frac performance for key performance indicators across multiple wells.

For oil companies using Well Data Labs to capture and analyze frac job results, the new release pulls that data into ZoneVu with the touch of a button. Flanagan said, “The Well Data Labs integration provides a seamless solution for drilling, geosteering, frac design, and frac job review – visualized within ZoneVu. ZoneVu is the first browser-based solution to provide this capability.”

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ZoneVu 3D Frac Job Visualization

ZoneVu version 6 also includes several enhancements to its core geosteering capabilities, including the Live Notifications™ feature. Geoscientists and engineers can now define rules to receive emails or text messages when certain drilling conditions occur. “This feature brings another level of efficiency and flexibility to our users, who can use ZoneVu from anywhere to geosteer or monitor drilling,” said Flanagan.

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Flanagan concluded, “This release is an important milestone in Ubiterra’s mission to push the limits of cloud technology to help resource play teams maintain the highest ROPs while optimizing their well placement.”

About Ubiterra Corporation – Ubiterra Corporation, founded in 2012, is a group of E&P professionals and programmers innovating cloud software for the Unconventional Resource Play Revolution. Ubiterra’s flagship product, ZoneVu, is a cloud application designed to unite asset teams to drill better horizontal wells. Ubiterra Corporation is based in Denver, Colorado, USA.

Contact:  Rachel Stocking