Pure Cloud & Browser Geosteering & Frac Software

ZoneVu leverages cloud technology to transform your drilling, geosteering, and completions operations into a geologic system. 
  • Built in the Microsoft Azure server network.
  • SOC II certified and continually monitored for security.
  • Run on Chrome and Edge browsers.
  • Faster to operate with cloud computation.
  • No project size limits.
  • No software to install, maintain, or annoying VPNs.

“I didn’t realize how critical the cloud-based structure of ZoneVu would be, especially for how much I travel. I can pop it up any time, anywhere, and flip through any geosteering interpretation I want. It’s been truly game changing.” Reed Stevens, VP of Geology, Hibernia Resources

Stop Steering Off Emails

ZoneVu’s cloud agent, RigStream™ pulls, conditions, & depth corrects rig data every 2 minutes, automatically. 
  • Prevent slides and added rig time with faster, cleaned data.
  • Save data loading time, to the tune of ~$36k/geosteerer/year.
  • Easily control how ZoneVu applies conditioning algorithms.

“We’ve had problems with WITSML in the past, but RigStreamis flawless.” Appalachian Basin Trial Client

You’re never behind with RigStream™.

Completions Integration

ZoneVu Frac™ lets you quickly and cleanly see the rock each stage touches.
  • Easily design frac stages from geosteering interpretations.
  • View frac data in 2D, 3D, and map view.
  • Quickly perform post job lookbacks.
  • Pinpoint issues faster.

“The completions team now has access to a geology system that’s not complicated to use.” Greg DeRonde, Completions Engineer, PDC Energy

Prevent and mitigate completions risks with ZoneVu Frac™.

Full Seismic Data Integration

ZoneVu was built to leverage your entire suite of 3D seismic products.
  • 3D seismic traces update to the bit location, automatically.
  • Leverage attribute volumes, inversions, fault surfaces, and more.
  • Increase accuracy, reduce geosteering stress with better structural context.
  • No more stretching and squeezing screenshots.

“Our ability to leverage our 3D seismic volumes with real-time conditioned rig data has made our geosteering operations more efficient.”  Sam Beckham, VP of Geosciences at TRP Energy

Make faster decisions, reduce sliding, and make more hole.

ZoneVu Alerts™

Stay ahead of drilling hazards with ZoneVu’s drilling alert system.
  • Real-time alerts are sent to you, automatically. ​
  • Avoid lease hardlines, ​offset wells, faults, and more…
  • Keeps your teams engaged but lets them focus while the well drills.

“We are just that much more nimble as a company with ZoneVu.  Stephen Phillips, Senior Geologist, Wasatch Energy Management (WEM) 

Get more sleep and let ZoneVu keep watch with ZoneVu Alerts™.

Live Shared Projects™

ZoneVu’s Live Shared Projects™ is a collaboration game-changer.
  • Watch the well drilling and interpreted in real-time, no need for data loading.
  • Share or hide multiple geosteering interpretations.
  • Cut out unnecessary communication steps.

“ZoneVu goes about the live project sharing in a more direct way than other software, without the added effort or cost.”  Riley Brinkerhoff, Exploration Manager, Wasatch Energy Management (WEM)

Better communication makes better wells.

ZoneVu Mobile Viewer

ZoneVu’s Mobile Viewer combines live, conditioned rig data, geosteering interpretations, and live seismic SEGY traces.
  • Receive a text message or email when a specific parameter is reached.
  • Click the active link to view the real-time drilling and geosteering status.

Add the ZoneVu Mobile Viewer to the home screen of your smartphone or tablet for fast access.

“At 2AM, when there’s an emergency, ZoneVu is already up to date. In other programs, you’re unpacking zip files and loading data that is already out of date.” Jason Harms, President, Total Depth: Premier Remote Geosteering

Always in sync with the bit.