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Ubiterra Adds Next-Gen Geosteering To Its ZoneVu Drilling Software

By January 30, 2019October 26th, 2022No Comments
Latest Release Combines Geosteering, Real-Time Drilling Info And 3D Seismic In Single Browser-Based Platform
Debuts New Steering FieldTM Technology For Improved Real-Time Geosteering

Denver, Colorado – January 31, 2019- Software company Ubiterra today announced the company’s latest innovation integrating live drilling data, geosteering and 3D seismic into its cloud-based ZoneVu software for the oil and gas industry.

CEO Peter Flanagan said Ubiterra’s ZoneVu patent-pending “Steering FieldTM” represents the state of the art in providing drillers of horizontal wells with real-time geosteering capability that helps them produce better geosteering interpretations faster.

Flanagan said, “Our new Steering FieldTM feature brings another dimension of visualization to the geosteering process to help operators improve their time-in-zone metrics.” ZoneVu uses the cloud to stay connected to the drill rig 24/7 and to provide browser access to all participants in the geosteering and drilling process.

“ZoneVu provides a solution for one of the industry’s top problems today,” he said. “The speed, complexity and data generated while drilling has simply outrun the capacities of people and processes to keep up,” Flanagan said. “ZoneVu uses powerful cloud technology to address this issue.” Flanagan said ZoneVu uploads all the drilling data from the drill bit automatically, creating a single and secure storage house in the cloud. “That means anyone permitted access can get any information they want whenever they need it from anywhere.”


Flanagan cited a recent study by the Unconventional Resources Technology Conference (URTeC) that analyzed 72 different variables contributing to optimizing production. URTeC found that staying in zone was the single most important factor for success. “Our strategy is to provide an integrated, real-time visualization and geosteering environment to the whole asset team so that they can keep up with drilling and stay in the zone,” he said. “Staying in zone is proven to be mission critical, and that’s our mission.”

About Ubiterra Corporation – Ubiterra Corporation, founded in 2012, is a group of E&P professionals and programmers innovating cloud software for the Unconventional Resource Play Revolution. Ubiterra’s flagship product, ZoneVu, is a cloud application used by energy company asset teams to drill better horizontal wells. Ubiterra Corporation is based in Denver, Colorado,