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Live Shared Projects is latest ZoneVu Cloud-Based Geosteering Advance

By September 30, 2020October 20th, 2022No Comments

Live-Shared Projects

ZoneVu is a pioneer in bringing live-shared projects to the arena of drilling and completing horizontal wells. Since the software is browser-based, and run entirely in the Microsoft Azure Cloud, all members of the asset team can interactively participate and monitor the drilling operations, from the office, or from the comfort of their own home. In addition, the project, and all interpretations can be shared directly, and instantly, with outside contractors and investors. In traditional geosteering applications, precious time is spent preparing email updates for the asset team and management. Through ZoneVu’s live-shared projects, responsible parties can simply open the project in a new browser and see the well being drilled, and interpreted in real-time. Any adjustments to the geosteering interpretation, or addition of data, are instantly viewable by all parties. Alternate interpretations can also be overlain to improve collaboration.